• New official music video for "Furniture Cracks" is now available. Look for it here and on YouTube!
  • The Funnies are working in the studio on their new full length album titled "Soft Pack." LP rumored to be released Fall 2018.
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SYITF Live is:

Jimmy Clepper: Vocal, Guitar 
Thomas Lawrence: Guitar 
Jason Hubbard: Drums 
D.K. Dews: Bass 
Josh Knechtly: Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Percussion

Band Formed June 2012 - Cincinnati, OH
Independent - Alternative Pop Rock
3 Self Releases:

2014 "Self-Titled" LP / 2015 "Floozie" EP / 2017 "I Know You Are, But What Am I?" EP

FM Radio Support:  

  • 100.7, 106.3 The Project - Cincy Spotlight  
  • 96.5 WFTK Pure Rock - Homegrown  
  • 102.7 WEBN - Native Noise
  • 88.9 WMWX ClassX Radio

AM Radio Support:  

  • 1660 Radio Artifact

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