1. Stick em Up

From the recording Self-Titled Debut LP

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I always find myself stuck in a sticky situation
Wishing someone would just pick me from this placement
I'm sick of laying tracks down, Strictly in the basement
Sick of seeing all these old familiar faces
And struggling quickly to erase them

When I'm in this mental state, I tend to bend it till it breaks
Words dribble off my face and scribble on the page
My chicken scratch is the wicked axe that smashed this brittle cage
This will not be the last time that I have proven them wrong
And this will not be the last time that I move them with a song
With the words that hit their heads harder and smoother than the bong
And I plan to leave this entire town with a smirk less face
This is my only goal in life, It's not another worthless phase
I used to wrapped up and all concerned with rage
But now I'm steadily changing the pace and learning how to work the stage
A lot of things have changed but my purpose stays
I'm steadily working while I'm searching for the perfect place

I stick em up, Stick em up
Cause fighting's all I know
With a fist filled up with fury, That's ignited by my soul
I stick em up, Stick em up
I'm striving to go home
Cause I have not found one here and I'm feeling all alone

And I've had it with ralphing in the john
I won't live another night, Counting on the dawn
Cause when I get that familiar feeling
I end up shouting till it's gone, No more
Doubting that I'm strong, No more
Holding a heavy heart like a mountain in my palms
So I listen to this six string sound bouncing off the walls
When I focus hard enough, I almost feel an ounce of calm
Now I found the missing fragment
I finally figured it out, Part of the puzzle has been absent
So I just force myself to grasp it, Put my heart upon the page
And put my voice into action