1. One More Move

From the recording Self-Titled Debut LP

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I know I'm still young but my bones disagree with me
They crumble from the skin, Weathered by a trip
And my heart is bouncing off of my rib cage, I'm down
Nervous for the day, When I can't feel a thing
And I find it crazy that you can still love me
Right now, Your only question is
Is he strong enough for this right now?

I got one more move
It's all up to you

Well I've been moving all along
Stepping to a different song
Humming to a different tune
Marching to a different drum

Our world is filled with nightmares and sweet dreams
I swear, They blend together well
Cause I can never tell
Our world is filled with strangers and best friends
They are never what they seem, Movements can deceive
I held you closely when you couldn't speak another word
I felt it through your eyes
I knew we would survive for now

Stepping (la la la) to a different song