1. Dirty Shirts

From the recording Self-Titled Debut LP

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I flip my shirts inside out cause it's the best way to clean em
And I rarely wear socks cause we don't really need em
I still destroy things when my anger gets a hold of me
Still deploy fangs when strangers try controlling me

I still manage to get lost in hip hop
I still manage to criss cross when shit pops
I'm ill mannered and pissed off when chicks talk
Get back to the corner and slip on some lip gloss
Yeah, You catch me counting all the frogs and I know they only jumpy
Cause alcohol is involved
I say what's on my mind, You're wasting your time
If your thinking I'm a speak with a cautious jaw

I know the way I am
Sometimes I'm hard to handle
But that's alright because

You're in my arms again, Right where you belong
Connect the dots with my thoughts and I realize that I'm wrong
I focused hard again, With open arms again
I listen to these songs, It keeps me dreaming on
Please don't be scared to look in my eyes again
Just look in my eyes again

I'm a TV addict, That's the extent of my addiction
Unless Swishers filled with ganja are considered as addictive
Although I have some friends who present their self affliction
I never pop pills or use syringes that's a given