1. Blind

From the recording Self-Titled Debut LP

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Finally I ask for someones help
How could I be so Blind?
Suddenly I'm talking to myself
How could I be so Blind?

Like a sheep among wolves, I feel no protection
As an adolescent had no sense of direction
I felt exposed to the sickness every second
So I ducked around a corner to avoid any connection
I found love in words
Human expression is the only thing that's left in my possession
To all you same flow, Lame-O, Gucci spitting, Money makers
I have a new agenda, See you in the funny papers
Hungry and my tummies aching, Bloody, Kinda funny ain't it?
Till I punch a giant hole in everybody's fucking faces
Yeah, I hope you feel that shit
Cause this right here is as real as it gets
They put the pressure to me but I bare the weight greatly
These people cant break me, They didn't create me
I know I'm shady, That's how my mamma raised me
So get used to it baby, You ain't ever gonna save me

Besides, I couldn't say it more clearly
I know they listen but they still can't hear me
and why?
I couldn't say it more clearly
I know they listen but they still can't hear me

She met me back when I was reckless
But I kept my records clean
and for me, She was the angel I never expected to see
Everyday they had me guessing, Stressing what to believe
Till I told them all forget it, There's no connection to me
My faith was shaken, Nearly shattered from the pain
On the day they took my mother and filled my face with rage
It changed me instant the second I saw her leave
Like the day I saw my daughter open up her lungs and breathe
I don't feel resentment, My intentions aren't obscene
It's just the circumstances make it even harder to believe
My father found his demons in a war across the sea
That's why I'll never sign the papers to give them a part of me