1. Bruce Banner

From the recording Self-Titled Debut LP

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I found you in my ear
Telling me not to run for the hills
I pushed you out, You kept me in
Kept wasting all of my precious kills
One more drink, One more drag
And you can follow me further down
I found you in my ear
After all the moments that I've drowned

I don't want to be the one to say
That I was only running from myself
And I don't want to be the one to say
That I need something else
To pick us up

Both of us, We were cold
I let it come out through my shaking hands
I spelled it out, On this page
And you were left scratching on your head
I should have known, From the start
That I could never be your special plan
There we were, In our heads
Letting go of everything that fell apart

I was looking back at pages up in my old stash
Thinking damn, I can't believe that I wrote that
And life changes and goes black, Just so fast
We don't even take a moment to notice it go past
I remember I wanted it so bad I could taste it
Filling up notepads in the basement
Hoping it goes platinum but face it
We're too small and nameless in a world that's strange and tasteless
Every day getting greater but I'm stuck in the basics
While these whack bastards keep paying for facelifts
Makeshift poetry you're all saying the same shit
I'm sick of it
But I keep a crooked smile stretched between my cheek bones
Fake it till you make it real
Maybe I can reach home with a hard hitting snare that's laced with a sweet tone
Finally find my heart beating within each note
I'm a loose cannon, Call my Bruce Banner
Looking for a cure for the green man whose standing in my shoes
Granted this music has changed me but trust me baby girl
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry