1. Floozie

From the recording Floozie EP

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I felt like a walking corpse, Zombie with a shattered dream
Bastard of a human being, Collapsing in a plastic scene
I provided you with oxygen, Tossing in my rotting sleep
Toxic for each other and the cause is always mocking me
Blocked it from my vision, Could not commit to my forgiveness
Could not move on from my position, Locked within your prison
My mind wandered, I was looking for a bed to rest
Pop my weary knuckles, While I'm stepping over severed heads
They wanted us dead and they buried us both
In separate graves with separate names
We were barely afloat

So, Go ahead and drown me out, Ignore me cause I found you out
Go ahead and drown me out, Ignore me cause I found you!

Another sacrifice made and nothing gained
Something strange overcomes me when I touch the paint to the canvas
It's got me leaning over like stomach pains
Nothing to blame, No one to aim at
Just a reason to stay angry, People are so crazy
Watching the world shape shift and change me
The same shit that saved me, Got me ripping my hair out and digging my grave lately
I've been flicking my pen daily
So now I serenade the skeletons left behind in the darkness
My bedroom starting to feel like Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment
I'm hardly able to sleep, Latching onto a promise
That shattered long before you ever had a chance to be honest